Look for the Official Seal of Authenticity when buying handicraft in Siem Reap. It guarantees the products are truly made in Cambodia

What is the Seal of Authenticity

The AHA Official Seal of Authenticity is a government-registered label that helps visitors distinguish between locally made products and imported items and ensure they are supporting local producers. The Seal was created in partnership with the Provincial Department of Commerce and GIZ.

It is visible in shops and venues that work with locally made products certified by Angkor Handicraft Association. The Seal is available to Siem Reap based handicraft producers and retailers who work with products created within the Siem Reap province. It currently serves as the only way to identify locally products made in Cambodia.

Why should you look for the Seal when buying products made in Cambodia?

Handicrafts are a valued aspect of Cambodia’s cultural heritage. The skills and techniques of creating handicrafts have been passed down through generations within Cambodian society. However local artisans are forced to compete with imported machine-made products from China, Thailand and Vietnam.

The  purchase of products that bear the Seal of Authenticity supports the social and economic development of local artisans and their families.

Authentic Products

Products that bear the Seal of Authenticity can be found in shops and markets in Siem Reap city and villages in the province. Look out for the banner or poster in shops. Otherwise, you can visit the AHA Fair Trade Village in Siem Reap, which sells a range of authentic handmade crafts from Siem Reap provience, all of which qualify for the Seal of Authenticity.

The Seal of Authenticity is attached to products that qualify with the standards defined by the Angkor Handicraft Association. The Seal is available to Siem Reap based handicraft producers who create their products within the Siem Reap province with at least 50% of the raw materials also being sourced from within the Siem Reap province.

Registering for the Seal

Many well known producers have already committed their support the Seal. You too can join and help to strengthen the handicraft sector in Siem Reap. For more information, please contact us:

Tel: (+855) 78 34 14 04  / (+855) 78 34 14 54

Email: info@aha-kh.com /  ahasiemreap@gmail.com

Official Seal of Authentivity for products made in Cambodia