AHA supports partners of the GIZ- Regional Economic Development Program (RED) in promoting bamboo industry development in one of the most remote districts of Siem Reap province. AHA is not responsible for the information presented on this page 


Bamboo industry development is of high relevance for job creation and poverty reduction, as well as in relation to climate change issues.  As timber resources decline and resource demands increase in today’s modern industrialised world, it is becoming increasingly necessary to explore opportunities for new, sustainable building materials. More than 500.000 T of standing bamboo suitable for industrial processing is available in Varin district of Siem Reap province.

The demand for bamboo products grows, opening new attractive markets for bamboo engineered products. International experts in cooperation with Varin District Administration, Siem Reap Provincial Administration and relevant provincial departments have thoroughly evaluated business potential of existing bamboo resources in Cambodia for manufacturing of a number of bamboo products including:

Do you want to know more about exciting business opportunities in bamboo processing?

Please contact:

Mr Torsten Münther (English) Responsible for bamboo industry development
at former GIZ-RED program
Tel.: 012 272 139

Ms Davy Kim (Khmer and English) AHA President
Tel.: 012 857 431

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