Senteurs d’Angkor

The wonderful culinary and olfactory heritage of Cambodia, has inspired the “Senteurs d’Angkor” natural product range. Founded in 1999, Senteurs d’Angkor has succeeded in relying on local resources to develop an original and local craft industry of good quality, in working conditions that are respectful to people.

Senteurs d’Angkor prides itself on sourcing all of its products in Cambodia, from raw ingredients to packaging materials, which is not easy task. In line with their philosophy of ‘home-sourcing’, most of their packaging comes from the sugar palm tree, an abundant, natural and recyclable resource in Cambodia..



Phone: (+855) (0) 63 964 801



  1. National Route 6 (Airport Road), Krong Siem Reap
  2. No. 275 Psaa Chas, 2 Thnou St, Krong Siem Reap


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Angkor Handicraft Association facilitates commercial connections between local handicraft producers and international markets.  Services include order fulfillment and consolidation, negotiation, project management, payments handling and shipping support.

Angkor Handicraft Association operates as a non for profit business association in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

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