Shop assistant, Cambodian Local Crafts

I live in Siem Reap with my grandmother and my younger brother. My grandma has a grocery shop and she also runs the family guesthouse. When I finished school in 2010, I started working as an English teacher but in the public schools the pay is really low. Eventually I started working in a call center. There the salary was much better but working from 1pm to midnight was exhausting. So, when my friend told me they were hiring here, I jumped at the opportunity!

In Cambodian Local Crafts, I sell scarves and blankets and I’m also the stock controller. We work with over 50 families in rural communities in kralanh, puok, phnom srok and battambang districts. I love working here because fair trade means giving poor families in these communities a good salary. In some cases they make double what they used to make.

I had this idea of making bags out of the scarves and I would like to sell them in my own shop in the future. This is why I’m actually learning how to weave. Chhat Hurng is teaching me. It is quite hard, I have been taking classes for over a month every morning but I’m still confused about the role of the feet!

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